Supporting Contractors Through Company Culture

Why product advancement and contractor relationships are key to success within the spray foam industry

A well structured manufacturing business starts with great people, products and a business plan, but what happens next? Focusing on developing products which increase the profitability of customers will help steer a successful manufacturing business. There are a number of simple tools to keep in mind when accelerating business growth within the industry, but the most important is the manufacturer and customer relationship.

Rapid progression within the industry has become the standard with one company leading the way with new technology and customer service and therefore satisfying customer expectations. In addition to product advancement, company culture has to be solid so that any changes in organizational structures, practices or products do not affect the initial culture.

One such company is SES Polyurethane Systems, who pride themselves on innovation in conjunction with customer care. How have they achieved impressive results in the industry? The simplest way to address this question is with one simple answer—they understand their customers, their buying habits and what their customer needs to make their company profitable. Through innovative products, customer training, and contractor education, they are achieving inspiring results.

SES made a number of calculated steps to support their customers, one of which included hiring leaders within the industry. Recently joining their company, Aaron Davenport manages building science support for the marketplace and Michael Carpenter leads contractor management. Charles Valentine, the president of SES zealously states, “What’s important to the contractor and supports the business of our customers has been at the core of our business. Our field technicians are knowledgeable not only about our products, but they are among the best mechanics for equipment in the industry. The vision was to build a company to support contractors differentiating themselves in the marketplace, and we have been very successful fulfilling that vision.”

The importance of product advancement through listening to the customer’s needs and wishes have brought some amazing products into the industry. Being the first in key product areas was a goal that is now a successful reality. Jose Luna, vice president of technology, explains, “We have a patent on the sucrose-based technology, which leads the market in fire performance for the open-cell. This improved fire performance allowed customers to apply the product without costly coatings or special configurations which put the contractor and their customers at risk.”

The first to commit 100% to HFO based, closed-cell, SES’s HFO-based blowing agent is still one of the few approved on the market. With confidence, the team calculated Sucraseal would obtain ICC, UL, and NFPA certification for use in exterior walls of non-combustible construction. Sucraseal™ 0.5 also has the added benefit of a low emitting insulation (CDPH 01350). Luna goes on to state, “Our new open-cell product leads the marketplace in yield, which has a direct impact on the customer’s COGS and results in higher margins for them.”

A customer-focused business model which includes business support, education, innovative product development, and marketing are just a few ways in which this particular company has a loyal customer following.

When adding in additional product advancements like their EasySeal.5 with its certified high yield technology, as well as the Nexseal 2.0, which has an ultra-low Global Warming potential, the future looks prosperous for all involved. The spray foam industry, like any other growing industry needs to distinguish the outcome for the customer. Providing support and cutting-edge technology ahead of market requirements will offer customers the confidence that their business is using products that have been accepted and certified in the marketplace, thus providing the tools to make their long-term plans achievable. This will characterize a company’s culture and ethos, in addition to increasing profitability for both the customer and manufacturer. Loyalty is no longer governed by product and price alone. A company who offers the best experience, innovates and listens to customer demands will lead the marketplace. Global business statistics in 2019 and projected for 2020 put the customer experience as being the most important factor in retaining and gaining business by involvement in new product development. It also means empowering customers to have the tools to be independent while ensuring that support is just a call or click away.

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